Quality and food safety are important principles of our company. Thanks to our modern production facilities and continuous innovation we can easily meet modern standards regarding food production, safety and hygiene. De Maro has been awarded the most prestigious certification in the food industry. 

BRC AA+ recognitionbrc a+

De Maro was one of the first confectionaries in the Netherlands to have been awarded the prestigious BRC AA+ accreditation. This is the highest grade that the British Global Standard for Food Safety provides and can only be awarded after an unannounced audit. This is important to us, since quality and food safety have our constant attention, not only during announced audits. Download our BRC AA+ certificate

IFS certificate

IFS certificateAs of October 2015, De Maro received the IFS Higher Level certification version 6. IFS stands for International Foods Standard nowadays also known as International Featured Standard Food. BRC and IFS standards are quite similiar but the criteria and the levels differ. However both standards have the same goal: minimization of significant food risks and a effective control of internal processes. 

This second accreditation proves that our products meet the highest quality standards. Download our IFS certificate.

UTZ certifiedUTZ certified

By buying UTZ certified cocoa, De Maro Food Group supports sustainable cocoa farming. For more information see www.utzcertified.org.


RSPO certified

RSPO logo

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) tries to put the palm oil industry on a sustainable path, thus reducing the negative impacts of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities (deforestation, violations of workers' rights to fair payment and safe working conditions etc.).

As of 2016 De Maro is RSPO mass balance certified for processing sustainable palm oil. All products with palm ingredients are now produced using 100% sustainable palm oil. Download our RSPO certificate. For more information see www.rspo.org

Skal certifiedskal

Skal Biocontrole aims to offer certainty to the consumer that a product with the indication “organic” really originates from an organic production process. Read more on the Skal website