The history of our company dates back to 1937 when Marinus Roodklif opened a confectioner’s shop in Tilburg, under the name 'De Maro'. Roodklif soon also started to target sales of his products at the hospitality industry and bulk consumers. In 1967, his son Gerard took over the business. Under his leadership, the ‘white egg sponge cakes’ from De Maro became a household name throughout the Tilburg region.Demaro history

1995 was a decisive year. In that year, confectioner Bart Snijders – in essence the first true confectionery specialist – entered the service of the company, and soon became Gerard’s right-hand man. Four years later they became business partners. By 2006, Bart Snijders had acquired full ownership and invested in further improving the development and production process. Since that time, De Maro has continued to grow.

In addition to traditional yellow and white egg sponge cakes, De Maro produces not only a wide selection of other egg sponge cake varieties, but also a broad range of other confectionery products including cakes, meringues and cookies and biscuits. De Maro has specialised in the development and production of Bake-off mixes for fresh in-store bake-off products or for use in the home kitchen, including egg sponge cakes, muffins and cookies.

Quality, service, customer focus and innovation are the operating principles of the business. Our proactive approach enables us to take on the market in collaboration with our customers.