Product development

Growth of a business can only be achieved by innovation and the continuous development of new confectionary products and concepts. In the past few years this has had our constant attention. We now have our own product development centre where we are busy working on new product concepts and with new ingredients on a daily basis. 

Single packed biscuits

One of our latest concepts is the single packed range: a range of single packed cookies and biscuits. Thanks to a new packaging line we can now individually pack all our products. The line will be used mostly to package our smaller biscuits for direct distribution to customers in the hospitality industry. 

On request we can individually package all of our products in either neutral plastic wrapping or personalised with the customers' logo. 

Bake-off mixes for consumers

Our bake-off mixes for egg sponge cakes, muffins and cookies have been a huge success with retailers and wholesalers. We are now introducing this concept to consumers as they are perfect for use in the home kitchen as well.