Service & support

De Maro is not just any confectionary. The outstanding service and support we provide to our customers are unique in the business. 

Ensuring quality

Most of our freshly baked products and bake-off mixes are distributed to supermarkets and wholesalers. The bake-off mixes are used in-store so that they can provide fresh products at all times. 

It is very important to us that these products comply with our quality standards and are therefore baked to perfection. We also want our customers to be completely up to date on the possibilities of our product range, in order for them to advise their customers well. 

De Maro training centre

This is why De Maro offers extensive opportunities to train and teach everyone who will be working with our (bake-off) products. We can provide: 

  • training sessions regarding the use of our bake-off mixes
  • product presentations
  • product demonstrations
  • theory lessons
  • workshops
  • teambuilding activities

Training sessions and demonstrations can take place at our customers' locations (e.g. in supermarkets) or in our own training facilities in Berkel Enschot, the Netherlands. Not only do we have our own training centre, we also have an entire bakery shop for training purposes.