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BAKED greenz

A new generation of batter

Ready-made batter with which you can make the most delicious lunch, drinks and snack dishes in no time.

  • 60% pure processed A-brand Bonduelle vegetables were added to the batter.
  • The batter is ready-made and only needs to be baked in a waffle maker.
  • The batter can still be adjusted as you like by adding for example, herbs such as Tikka Masala or Ras al Hanout.
  • Balanced flavours.
  • A fresh product at any time of the day.
  • Available in 3 kg buckets.

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Original recipes

  • Baked Greenz Fries

    Baked Greenz Fries

    Instead of making a waffle, you can very easily make “fries” by drawing stripes in your waffle maker. It is als a very nice dish for children. Using various colours of batter your plates will look very colourful. For the adult version you can garnish the Baked Greenz Fries with feta and dress it with fresh herbs and small pieces of tomato.

  • Baked Greenz Muffins

    Baked Greenz Muffins

    You can cook vegetables, but you can also make muffins from them. Pour the batter into a small muffin baking cup to get a beautiful and festive product. Great for an afternoon tea, to serve with drinks or at a party.

  • Baked Greenz Burger

    Baked Greenz Burger

    Put the Baked Greenz Kale batter in the waffle iron and bake the waffles golden brown. Fill the Greenz Burger with Jack Fruit. Dress the plate with roasted Amsterdam onions and garnish with fresh cauliflower or Vene Cres.

  • Baked Greenz Waffle

    Baked Greenz Waffle

    An original way to present this waffle is to add crumbled feta, apple slices, pieces of red and yellow beet and beetroot shoots for a beautiful color combination on your plate.


  • Baked Greenz Pumpkin

    Baked Greenz Pumpkin

    Do you like waffles and pumpkin? Try our Baked Greenz Pumpkin.

  • Baked Greenz Cauliflower

    Baked Greenz Cauliflower

    You can also eat cauliflower as … a waffle! We bet you will be surprised by the taste.

  • Baked Greenz Beetroot

    Baked Greenz Beetroot

    This beetroot waffle is really surprising in taste.

  • Baked Greenz Kale

    Baked Greenz Kale

    Be inspired by this kale waffle.