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Egg sponge cakes

The best egg sponge cakes

Egg sponge cakes are typically dutch. These airy, round cakes are an ideal snack. Or with a layer of butter. Delicious! De maro traditionally is the egg sponge cake specialist in the netherlands, we offer an extremely varied assortment. From our traditional yellow golden cake to appetizing specials, such as ‘stroopwafel’ and ‘breakfast’ egg sponge cakes.

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Egg sponge cakes

There is a lot of love for egg sponge cakes in the netherlands, especially in the burgundian region of brabant. And they are real foodies!

  • Mini egg sponge cake

    Mini egg sponge cake

    Egg sponge cakes are so versatile. There is also a mini egg sponge cake for a quick bite, by the same traditional recipe.

  • Giant egg sponge cake

    Giant egg sponge cake

    By the usual recipe, but giant in size for people with a big appetite.

  • Egg sponge cake

    Egg sponge cake

    The classical egg sponge cake, as it should be: crispy on the outside and airy inside. To start the day with or to share.

  • Raisin egg sponge cake

    Raisin egg sponge cake

    A yellow golden egg sponge cake sprinkled with the most delicious raisins.

  • Oatmeal egg sponge cake

    Oatmeal egg sponge cake

    Oatmeal is a real superfood. It contains slow carbs, a lot of vitamins and fibres. Therefore these oatmeal egg sponge cakes are a healthy choice.

Egg sponge cake specials

Special toppings and fillings transform these egg sponge cakes into real treats. Developed by our own test bakers.

  • Cheese cake cherry

    Cheese cake cherry

    Luscious with some cherry pieces inside and cheesecake crumbs on top.

  • Mango-coconut


    The flavours of mango and coconut match perfectly together with the sweet egg sponge cake.

  • Stroopwafel


    Egg sponge cake combined with the typically dutch ‘stroopwafel’. Perfect! The taste of good old times.

  • Carrot cake

    Carrot cake

    Taste the unique, subtly spiced and sweet flavour of carrot cake. Suggestion: spread the cake with some cream cheese.

  • Beetroot


    The subtle, earthy tones and red colour make for the beet root flavour to really stand out in this egg sponge cake

  • Cinnamon


    The best of the dutch provinces ‘zeeland’ and ‘brabant’. This egg sponge cake with a cinnamon flavour and a crispy, cinnamon sugar topping.

  • Winter


    Taste winter with the special winter egg sponge cake with its ginger spiced flavour and crispy white sugar.

  • Red velvet

    Red velvet

    Beauty comes from within but this egg sponge cake is a stunner on the outside as well. Soft as velvet and red in colour, finished off with some cheesecake crumbs.

  • Apple-cinnamon


    An irresistible flavour combination. This egg sponge cake is stuffed with pieces of apple and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

  • Ginger bread

    Ginger bread

    A true Dutch favourite. A traditional egg sponge cake with the nostalgic taste of typically Dutch ginger bread (‘speculaas’).

  • Chocolate chunks

    Chocolate chunks

    Our yellow golden egg sponge cake decorated with some dark chocolate chunks. An absolute delicacy with a little extra bite and flavour.

  • Cranberry


    Cranberries are absolutely refreshing. We generously sprinkle them over our cakes, which makes them a bit juicy.

  • Carrot


    The carrot egg sponge cake, a responsible snack with different spices and real carrot chunks.

Bio egg sponge cakes

Do you prefer to eat organic food? Make sure to choose these egg sponge cakes made from carefully selected organic ingredients. Certified with the european organic skal quality label.

  • Bio egg sponge cake

    Bio egg sponge cake

    Our yellow golden egg sponge cake fits perfectly in an organic lifestyle. Also ideal if you wish to choose organic food more often.

  • Bio multigrain egg sponge cake

    Bio multigrain egg sponge cake

    Our organic multigrain egg sponge cakes contain oats, flaxseed, millet and sesame seed. All organically sourced.


30% less sugar

Egg sponge cakes are considered a smart snack, but this option even includes 30% less sugar.

  • 30% less sugar

    30% less sugar

    Our traditional egg sponge cake, composed in such a manner that there is no difference in taste, but still contains 30% less sugar.

Brittle egg sponge cake

The brittle structure of this egg sponge cake makes for a different bite than our usual, soft egg sponge cake. Nice and crispy!

  • Brittle


    Our brittle, crispy egg sponge cake resembles the structure of a biscuit. If you like the crispness of biscuits, you should definitely try this one sometime.