Egg sponge cake specials

Special toppings and fillings transform these egg sponge cakes into real treats. Developed by our own test bakers.

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  • Cheese cake cherry

    Cheese cake cherry

    Luscious with some cherry pieces inside and cheesecake crumbs on top.

  • Mango-coconut


    The flavours of mango and coconut match perfectly together with the sweet egg sponge cake.

  • Stroopwafel


    Egg sponge cake combined with the typically dutch ‘stroopwafel’. Perfect! The taste of good old times.

  • Carrot cake

    Carrot cake

    Taste the unique, subtly spiced and sweet flavour of carrot cake. Suggestion: spread the cake with some cream cheese.

  • Beetroot


    The subtle, earthy tones and red colour make for the beet root flavour to really stand out in this egg sponge cake

  • Cinnamon


    The best of the dutch provinces ‘zeeland’ and ‘brabant’. This egg sponge cake with a cinnamon flavour and a crispy, cinnamon sugar topping.

  • Winter


    Taste winter with the special winter egg sponge cake with its ginger spiced flavour and crispy white sugar.

  • Red velvet

    Red velvet

    Beauty comes from within but this egg sponge cake is a stunner on the outside as well. Soft as velvet and red in colour, finished off with some cheesecake crumbs.

  • Apple-cinnamon


    An irresistible flavour combination. This egg sponge cake is stuffed with pieces of apple and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

  • Ginger bread

    Ginger bread

    A true Dutch favourite. A traditional egg sponge cake with the nostalgic taste of typically Dutch ginger bread (‘speculaas’).

  • Chocolate chunks

    Chocolate chunks

    Our yellow golden egg sponge cake decorated with some dark chocolate chunks. An absolute delicacy with a little extra bite and flavour.

  • Cranberry


    Cranberries are absolutely refreshing. We generously sprinkle them over our cakes, which makes them a bit juicy.

  • Carrot


    The carrot egg sponge cake, a responsible snack with different spices and real carrot chunks.