History - De Maro


How it all started

In 1937 Marinus Roodklif opens a confectioner’s shop in Tilburg, named ‘De Maro’ in the Gasthuisstraat in Tilburg. Marinus mainly sells his products to individual customers, but also to some large-scale consumers. In 1967 his son Gerard takes over the company and makes De Maro’s white egg sponge cakes famous in Tilburg and the surrounding area.

The company continues to grow and moves to a bigger location in Tilburg in 1975. De Maro’s ambition grows along with its bigger location and for that reason they decide to stop selling their products to individual customers. From now on, the bakery focuses completely on the food service industry, retail and other large-scale consumers. Bart Snijders, De Maro’s current owner, comes in to support Gerard and their official collaboration starts four years later.

Big, bigger, biggest!

In 2001 De Maro moves again, this time from Tilburg to an industrial area in Waalwijk. When Bart finally takes over the business in 2006, improving De Maro’s development and production process becomes the focal point. This is how they grow into more of a specialist confectionery and a highly valued supplier for bakeries, wholesale businesses, catering and supermarket chains.

Ten years later De Maro moves to an entirely new bakery in Berkel-Enschot (where currently the company is still located). Several years and some major building extensions later, de production capacity has doubled since 2011.

Now: be the best

Today, De Maro has grown into an extremely modern, industrial bakery with contemporary products and solutions. We strive to be the best in our field and demonstrate this position by obtaining important certificates and additional quality labels. Every day, our egg sponge cakes, the product that started everything out, together with confectionery products find their way to consumers via our valued retail, food service industry and wholesale partners.