Product development - De Maro

Product development

A whole new world

De maro is an industrial bakery that prepares artisan products. We guarantee craftsmanship by creating new products together with a compact team of specialists. We continue to grow by always remaining innovative. For example in our test bakery, where we develop new confectionary products with new recipes.

Together with our partners in retail, the food service industry and wholesale we come up with new concepts that they can bring to market under a private label. These tailor-made projects are fantastic because it is a creative process that allows us to innovate together. That gives a boost of energy!

We train your staff

Many of our daily fresh products and of course the ‘bak ‘m beet’ bake-off mix and dough are baked off on location rather than here. A lovely smell of freshly baked cookies and cake in your store, customers love it!

Because sales depend entirely on the way the dough is baked off, we offer complete training programmes for your staff. Our specialists guide your kitchen staff and store employees until they have mastered it completely.

Some examples of what we can organise in our training centre as well as on location:

  • product presentations
  • product demonstrations
  • practical training
  • workshops concerning innovation and development

New products, new opportunities

When it concerns confectionery, almost everything is possible. There are many opportunities to create unique, new baking concepts. In order to be able to react to festive moments or themed weeks you will need a partner that thinks on its feet, that has the ability to anticipate and that is 100% committed. De maro differentiates itself from other industrial bakeries. At de maro, there is a flat organisational structure and a high level of decisiveness.

Do you have an idea, would you like to act on a trend and surprise people with a new flavour combination? Our people would love to work with you.