Temptingly beautiful muffins

Good muffins are nice and airy, but still have enough structure to sink your teeth into. De Maro muffins are exactly like that! Moreover, they are also available in mini versions.

Familiar flavours

Red velvet

The red velvet muffin owes its name to the beautiful deep red colour but also to its structure: velvety.


With the intense flavour of chocolate and dark chocolate chunks this muffin is many people’s favourite.


The original muffin has a soft vanilla flavour, just like this one. Extra delicious with a tuft of whipped cream.

Spice & raisin

Taste sensation! This muffin is spicier and therefore a little sharper in flavour. Stuffed with raisins and finished off with sugar candy.

Would you like to give our muffins a try?

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