Unique properties of our tray bake cakes:

  • Crispy pastry shell
  • Tender, richly filled cake
  • Luxurious decoration, including (butter)crumbs

And on top of that our tray bake cakes have quite a long shelf life (14 days!).

Popular flavours

Apple cinnamon

This typically Dutch flavour combination with apple and cinnamon is very popular. Extra festive with some whipped cream and cinnamon.


A colourful mixture and a true taste sensation due to the refreshing cherries. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream it becomes a dream dessert.


Refreshing, fruity and airy. This richly filled cake is the ideal component for a high tea, a cosy coffee moment or a snack on the road.

Chocolate caramel

The chocolatey bite combined with the creamy caramel make this an absolute winner. Serve with some decorative chocolate fondant: scrummy!

New flavours

brownie cheesecake plaatcake

Brownie cheesecake

The best of both worlds: full chocolate flavour of the brownie and the creamy taste of cream cheese with a hint of lemon.

vegan plaatcake

Apple-nuts (vegan)

A vegan tray bake cake with a delicious filling of apple and walnuts and a topping of cake crumbs & pecans.

plaatcake carrot

Carrot cake

A carrot cake with cheesecake filling, the best of two worlds. With delicious oriental spices and a hint of orange.

Plaatcake brownie rocky road

Brownie rocky road

This luxurious brownie is filled with chips of white chocolate and caramel. Decorated with walnuts and hazelnuts.

Plaatcake rabarber


This colourful cake stands out thanks to its deep red colour. The fresh, slightly sour rhubarb is colourful and very tasty. Quite innovative!

American tray bake cakes

Red velvet cheese cake

The deep red colour of red velvet combined with the moist cheese cake filling turn this tray bake cake into a true eyecatcher.


The density of a brownie, processed into a fudgy tray bake cake. Mouth-watering for chocolate fans! Delicious alongside a cup of coffee with a tuft of whipped cream or as part of a grand dessert.

Seasonal favourites

Cooking pears caramel

A moist cake with a luxurious filling of cooking pear and smooth caramel. With some cinnamon ice cream, this makes for an absolute classic dessert.

Filled dutch gingerbread

This cake is filled with almond paste and gingerbread spices.


An airy cake with a luxurious filling with strawberry pieces. Nice and sweet!


An airy, sweet cake combined with the refreshing taste of apricot results in an ultimate taste sensation. Wonderful with some lightly sweetened cream, will look lovely and festive on any table.

plaatcake vegan


Deep frozen cake

De Maro has two favourite cakes in its assortment: the original butter cake and the spicy gingerbread cake. We prepare the dough with high-quality ingredients and free range eggs and deep freeze it straight after. This way the flavour stays perfectly preserved when the cake is being freshly baked off. Our cakes are nice and airy and rise up beautifully during baking. For a delicious cake with a crispy crust.

Butter cake

This butter cake is simply stunning. Creating such a pure flavour with so little ingredients. We love it!

Gingerbread cake

Gingerbread and cake is an excellent combination. The fine gingerbread spices provide this cake with a warm and special flavour.

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