Our pure and homemade products meet the highest standards and are widely applicable. All dough and batter is exceptionally easy to use. Defrost, scoop, bake, possibly decorate and serve immediately.

Did you know that De Maro organises training courses for your staff both in its own test bakery in Tilburg and on location? For future top bakers!

Cookie dough

Coconut cookie

A holiday breeze wrapped up in a cookie! It has a soft structure but still a solid bite. A delicious cookie for coconut fans and the perfect ingredient for desserts or to accompany ice cream. And of course, a feast for the eye with its pretty cracked crust.

Oatmeal cookie

For the conscious chooser: an oatmeal cookie. Ideal with coffee, high tea and desserts.


A delicious cookie and the perfect ingredient for desserts or to accompany ice cream. And a feast for the eye of course, with its pretty cracked crust.

Butter cake

Butter cake traditionally tastes great with coffee or tea. It becomes completely authentic with some almonds on top and few fork stripes.

Cookie dough

Chocolate chip cookie

An American cookie with a dark chocolate flavour, stuffed with white chocolate chips. Every bite is a sensation…

American cookie

All the way from America! That typical crunch and flavour sensation of vanilla and chocolate chunks. Irresistible!

red velvet deeg

Red velvet cookie

An American cookie in a red velvet cover. This delicious cookie is filled with chunks of white chocolate.

Muffin batter

Chocolate muffin

Muffins are suitable for endless display options and because of their lush looks they are truly irresistible. With real chocolate chunks.

Vanilla muffin

A crispy, golden crust and soft on the inside, with true vanilla flavour. That perfectly describes this muffin.

banana bread deeg

Banana bread

The refreshing taste of banana combined with walnuts: with this dough you’ll make the most delicious banana breads and muffins. You can slice the cake for example, toast the slices and finish with a delicious chocolate or caramel topping.

Egg sponge cake and waffle batter

Egg sponge cake

Enjoy typically Dutch egg sponge cakes. This recipe guarantees an egg sponge cake that is crispy on the outside and soft and airy inside.

Vanilla waffle

Really tempting, the flavour of freshly baked waffles. A hint of vanilla provides a sophisticated flavour. Extra delicious with some icing sugar, ice cream, fruit or a chocolate topping.

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